Skateboarding is one of the most exciting sports to engage with especially to those who would like to engage in extreme sports. When we are going to watch competitions on skateboarding, we will notice the bravery of those who are involved and they are able to manage themselves with regards to balancing and being accurate in doing some flick and flip. Tricks are important in skateboarding and you have to have this if you want to win a competition.

But skateboarding is not just for competition. The fact is there are so many youngsters around the world who do this for the sake of passion. You can see them in plazas and other places where it is nice to play and where they can put their rinks. Skateboarders are often called thrashers because of their lifestyle.

The Wrist is the Most Injured Part of the Body During Skateboarding

On the other side of this, though it is enjoyable to play the sports, we cannot avoid accidents. In fact, the wrist is the most injured part of the body during skateboarding. 100,000 people every year require medical treatment for skateboarding related injuries and the wrist is the most common. According to a study, the reason for this is that the hand is the very first that comes into the mind of the one who is skating as a sort of protection when he falls that is why the wrist is often sacrificed.

If you would like to play this sport, you should have protective gears with you to avoid major injuries. You have to understand that this is a dangerous game and proper precaution should be observed. Once you fall and there is an injury on you, act immediately. Do something like seeking for medical attention or first aid treatment. It is even wise to bring first aid kit with you always when you play.
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