We have so many customs in the world and they often have sources. Paraskevidekatriaphobia  is the morbid fear of Friday the 13th. This word was derived from the Greek words paraskevi (Friday), dekatria (thirteen) and phobos (fear). Now it is easily noticed when Friday comes with the 13th of the month.

Fear for Friday the 13th has many roots and most of them came from superstitious beliefs. Many believe that there are some kinds of misfortunes when Friday the 13th comes. When the day of the week arrives on this with the 13th of the month, there are people who usually cancel their flights and other important matters for fear of being able to meet accidents and other bad things along the way.

On the other hand, fear of this date is also connected to horror things. The influence of mass media in terms of movies and other programs in the television is so high that many were compelled to believe that dates such as this are something supernatural. When we look at buildings, there are some that do not contain 13th floor because of fear that bad luck is there and no one would love to rent an apartment with 13th floor.

The custom and belief on Friday the 13th is apparent in the world. The source of this belief is still not determined but it highly believed by many. Because of the popularity of this date, many film makers and writers jumped into bandwagon just to override with the belief. Because of this, they were able to do good horror movies using the concept.

What is your idea about this date? Do you think there are misfortunes for those who will toil on Friday the 13th? You can leave your comment on the comment box and we will discuss.

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