This is a generation of so many possibilities. You can improve the condition of your life living in this digital age. But despite all these, the generation is hungry for more than what material things and luxury of life can give. This generation needs a father. This is a fatherless generation. Children are suffering because of the separation of parents. They are craving for attention and time given by their father who is always busy in their work – thinking that this is the only thing that matters.

Let us wake up and see the reality of what is happening nowadays. We can be the best that we can and reach the highest peak of our success but there is this feeling of being incomplete because we are still concerned of whom we are about to spend our time with when we arrive at our houses.

A Fatherless Generation

There are so many criminals who are convicted and if we are going to look at their situations, we can see that they have no fathers to guide them and teach them right from wrong. There are people who grew up with so much hatred in heart. And because of this, they apply cruelty to their wives and children. We think that it’s their fault. We think that it’s because of their attitude but in the end we will only find out that they have some bad experiences in their childhood with their fathers. Their fathers raped them. Their fathers have beaten them. And their fathers are the sources of their agony.

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