Falling in love is inevitable. The thing is this issue has somewhat an effect on friendship and a study in Oxford University says that when you fall in love, you typically lose two close friends. This is something so trivial. And allow me just to explain to you how things go.

The study is conducted by asking a typical person with regards to their circle of friends. They were asked to name their close friends or those who belong to their core circle of friends. A typical person can name 5 of them. It means to say that in his circle of friends, there are 5 who emerged as close friends or he has a close relationship with them. The people asked here are single people or those who do not belong to a romantic relationship.

You Lose Two Close Friends When You Fall in Love

The same question was asked to those who belong to a romantic relationship and majority of them named 4. Looking at the situation, there is a subtraction of an average of 1 person when a romantic relationship is built that includes that 1 that is added as lover. The average person lost is 2.

Talking about friends who belong to the core group, these are friends that you are often connected with and you can see weekly. There are changes when you engage in a relationship and that can be noticed easily in the communication.

When you add a lover in your life, that lover was once your friend and you lose him but he is added to you as a partner. There is a change of role here from being a friend into a lover. This study explains the shifting and changing of roles that has an effect on how people interact with each other and their maturity on things that are concerning their friendship and relationship that is romantic.

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