This may be odd to listen to but it’s true scientifically. When you sneeze, you lose many brain cells because they die. We know for a fact that brain cells do not multiply and losing them could be very dangerous. Most sneeze problems come from allergic reactions and when someone is affected by this, he has the tendency to sneeze several times in a moment that could lead to the decreasing in the number of brain cells.

Our brain cells are responsible for the functioning that allows signals to transmit. When there is a fast transmission of signals from one neuron to another, the relaying of information is fast also. It means to say that when someone is constantly using his brain and transmits signal often, it would be easier for the brain cells to connect and thinking is faster.

Do not let your brain cells die in just a simple sneezing. If you can do something about it, you have to stop. Well, I am not saying that it is easy to do this but you can try these ideas in order for you to avoid sneezing:

  • Squeeze your nose
  • Blow your nose
  • Pinch your upper lips

Do these things and try to see the results. Sneezing is a way to stop you from propagating mentally. Well, I should say that not all brain cells will be damaged but these are important parts of your brain. You have to preserve what you have because they are useful to you and you should see to it that you are protecting them. In the record of sneezing, if you can stop this, you need to try.

Your thinking will be much logical when you have lots of brain cells. The healthier your brain is, the healthier you will become.

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