As we grow old, there are changes that are happening especially in our bodies. As these changes take place, whether small or big, we cannot deny the fact that it affects us in different ways. You may be aware of your taste buds. Because of these, you are able to savor your favorite food and enjoy. When we are still young, we seem to have lots of these. But when we grow old, especially in our 60’s things will never be the same again because our taste buds decrease by 50%.

Looking at the lifespan of taste buds, they can stay for 7 – 10 days. Normally, a taste bud cannot totally sense the entire taste of a certain food or beverage. In a solution it can sense 1 part sugar to 200 parts water. In terms of salt, it is one gram in every 500 liters of water.

Taste Buds Decrease by Age 60's
Looking at the composition of our tongue, we have 1000 taste buds – that is the normal count. The taste buds that are located in our tongue are divided into four groups and they are as follows:
  • Tip – the taste buds at the tip are responsible for sensing sweetness.
  • Back – the taste buds at the back of it are responsible for sensing bitterness.
  • Side – both sides of the tongue taste buds are responsible for sensing saltiness and sourness.
  • Complex – these are taste buds that are responsible for sensing the four.
This is not the same when someone has already reached his 60s because half of his taste buds have already vanished. Age has something to do with taste buds and this can be explained with how the cells of the body multiply in terms of mitosis. When someone is old, his mitosis slows down or stops. And this means that he has limitations in terms of replenishing.

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