By weight, a normal watermelon is composed of 6% sugar and 91% water. This makes the fruit juicy and is one of the best fruits to consume especially when it is summertime. What makes watermelons good to eat during summer is because of the presence of water that quenches thirst and prevents dehydration. If you have the budget, it is good to buy watermelon and eat.

This is so famous around the world and common especially in tropical countries. In Japan, there are distinct watermelons and it has something to do with the shapeNormally, we can see watermelons that are spherical in shape but this time, it is square.

Square Watermelons in Japan

These watermelons develop their shapes from square glass cases where they are produced. As a result, these fruits will acquire the shape of the square glass. The advantage of this is that they can easily be stored in refrigerators because of the shape that prevents it from rolling.

The only thing is that square watermelons are quite expensive than the normal watermelons. In Japan, they cost 10,000 yen or about $82. The normal watermelon price in Japan ranges from $15-$20.

If you are curious about this fruit, you can have it. Only, you need to spend a pretty penny for it. Compare the taste with normal watermelons and give your comment. This is a good fruit to consume if you would like to experience something new.

Tourists are fond of buying this product in Japan, in fact, this became a tourist attraction for the country. This product of technology is an assurance that Japan is really the land of the rising sun and that you will be able to experience and predict a lot of wonderful things to happen when you are in this country. And one good example is these watermelons.

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