When we talk about Valentine’s Day, we would surely be thinking of flowers and chocolates and presents and stuff. The thing about Valentine’s Day is that flower is the very first thing that comes into our minds. Think of red roses given to the person. There is no gender issue with regards to giving of flowers because the reality is both sexes give flowers to each other, only, men do this more than women. 73% of flower buyers and givers are men while 27% only are women.

Here are the possible reasons why:
  • The cultural issue. It is accepted in the culture that men should do the first move to impress women though this is not applicable to all countries. There are countries wherein it is proper that women should do the move.
73% of Men Buy Flowers for Valentine’s Day while 27% of Women Do
  • Men are fond of impressing their desired partner. The desire to impress women especially during Valentine’s Day is one of the reasons why this is apparent. When we look at our society, courtship usually takes place when a man does the first move to approach a woman. And this is one of the reasons why they buy flowers and chocolates and stuffs.
  • It has been a custom. Well, there are countries that are not so particular with this or they simply look passed at it but it has been a custom already that is why during the event, men go with the craze of buying flowers to be given to their spouses and girlfriends.
When we look at our culture, we can see this thing happening. Personally, I like the idea and I would love to do this not just on Valentine’s Day but on every occasion in order for me to show to my wife how much I love her and how much she means the world to me.

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