There are so many ways on how an airplane could do an emergency landing. Normally, when there are enough reasons to do this, an emergency landing could be in the safest place and it will be at the nearest airport in the location of the plane.

This case is quite different because due to a very small reason, like a woman’s fart caused the airplane to do an emergency landing. The flight was from Washington to Dallas and the airplane’s name was American Airlines. What the Dallas woman did was she lit her flatulence to disguise the smell. Because of the reaction, the passenger thought that there was burning inside the plane.

Because of what happened, an emergency landing was done in Nashville because there was ignition on the fart of the woman. There was even an involvement of the bomb sniffing dog that located her with a match.
The FBI them made a lot of questioning to the woman until she admitted the fact that the reason why she ignited her fart is to be able to disguise the odor. This is a very unusual situation that caught the attention of many people around the world.

A Woman’s Fart Caused an Airplane to do Emergency Landing

Everything began with a suspicious smell noticed by the passenger. Good thing is that there is an available landing area for the plane where it did an emergency landing. The event made the airline company put more security on their planes.

You might be intrigued by this article and thinking about how small is the reason for doing an emergency landing. Well, this is quite odd as I have said but these events are the things that make life more exciting for us to see. Simple events such as this are noted in history whether they may be funny or serious.

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