Falling in love is an issue nowadays. With regards to this, age is not a big deal anymore because we can just look at our community and see the proportion of lovers who are not greatly affected by age. In fact, falling in love is possible in a split of a second. It is 1/5th of it.

This study was made possible by looking at the effect of love to the brain with the use of functional magnetic resonance. There was a calculation done that really caught the attention of many people. The result is something very interesting and it shows that the feeling when the “love” is felt can happen in 1/5th of a second and not on a long engagement, dating and the like. The study explains that while there is dating, love is already there.

You Can Fall in Love in 0.2 of a Second

Looking at the functions of the brain, this matter is explained. There are 12 areas that are functioning with different chemicals in them. During the love process, there is a release of euphoria-inducing chemicals that stimulate it and make the love thing happen.

No matter what kind of love is this, there is a very quick reaction. There are even characterizations on the kinds of love and that though they differ in the degree as to the amount of love that is given to someone the process took about 1/5th of a second to happen.

Researchers from Syracuse University, West Virginia University and the Geneva University Psychiatric Center did this and the result is amazing.

 Look at yourself after reading this article and recall how love came to you in a very dramatic way. It might have come from your mother, sister, friend, partner, etc. and as what I have said, though they differ in the degree, the process usually took place in a 1/5th of a second. That’s too quick!

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