Lunch is so important. Normally, in any culture, there are 2 – 3 types of major meals and that include lunch. In Asian countries alone, meals are characterized by breakfast, lunch and supper. This is the reason why they usually say that they eat 3 times a day. In America, normally, people would eat twice a day and the time for such varies. Though there are several times with regards to eating, study shows that 22% of the people around the world skip lunch. Here are some of the possible reasons why:

Busy from job. When someone is busy, there is a big chance of not seeing the clock that it’s already time for lunch. The clock sometimes is the stomach that gives the alarm but most of the times it cannot be felt because the brain is so consumed by the job.

Trivia: About 22 Percent of People Skip Lunch

No means of taking the lunch. There are poor countries wherein people have no means of taking their lunch. The thing is most of them would rather skip lunch and schedule eating in the evening. This is a means to save money.

On diet. This is probably one of the reasons wherein those who are so conscious with their body figure are guilty of. Most of them would skip lunch especially if there are carbohydrates served just to maintain their figure.

Health matters. There are instances when lunch is not served to someone due to health matters. It depends upon the condition of the person and the prescription of the doctor. When someone is undergoing treatment, there are instances when his meals are controlled up to the point wherein lunch is not served.

These are some of the reasons why people skip lunch. And for you who is physically well, I advise that you should take your lunch daily. It is a must.

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