Lying is an action wherein we are not able to say or act the right thing. In the case of lying, 91% of us do this regularly and here are some unnoticed acts that we do wherein lying is there but we simply ignore.

Telling lies to children. When we talk to children, we often falsify things and tell stories that are not true. We seem to think that it is okay to do this but when we look at our actions, we will notice that what we did are lies. And lying is so common for adults when they talk to children.

Denying things. Denying is a form of lying. We are guilty with this and I should say that me too. We often cover up a lot of things about us that we are eager to deny things just to prove wrong the accusations and the like. This is a form of lying and most of us do not take this seriously.

Trivia: About 91 Percent of Us Lie Regularly

Being a witness and lawyer in court. This is the game of the court. If you are a lawyer, you will defend someone from the case despite the fact that you know that he is the culprit or guilty of the accusations. Since this is a professional game, it is okay to lie. Imagine if you are a lawyer who doesn’t know how to twist the truth, you will lose your job.

These are just some of the ways on which we lie. We do this regularly and 91% of us doing this is somehow good enough to say that there are areas of our lives that we cannot be trusted. And how about the mighty 8% people who do not do this regularly, I am thinking. They might be some sort of good people who are not good at this game.

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