We humans have this attitude of hanging out with someone and drink until we drop. We usually do this when we would like to party and socialize with people. We cannot avoid the presence of alcoholic beverages that are part of the ritual. The result, we gain enough courage to express ourselves and forget about our problems even for a while. This is also true with fruit flies.

Studies show that when fruit flies are depressed, they get themselves drunk by eating foods with alcohol. The source of depression of male fruit flies is when they are not able to get what they want like mating with their desired female fruit fly. One of the characteristics of these insects is to release their depression this way which is very similar to lots of people.

Trivia: Fruit Flies Get Drunk when they are Depressed

Fruit flies also get drunk this when they are bitter or depressed. It means to say that these miniature animals are very emotional and they can feel this way. A study that was conducted is that they observed the attitude of a male fly that was not granted with the desire to mate a female fly. What the fly did was go somewhere and find an alcohol induced foods to drink. After a few minutes, there was this reaction on the body of the flies that they tend to become drunk.

We can see ourselves from these insects and this is quite interesting to know that they have feelings too. Well, it might be an instinct or something but it is still amazing. Studies are still being conducted with regards to fruit flies that are so simple and we can see them when there is an open fruit. They will fly all over above it and eat. Do not underestimate the feelings of these insects, they might be more honest than us.

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