With the aid of technology nowadays, specifically genetics, there are unbelievable things that are becoming possible. A good example of this is with the use of stem cells in order to create bacons. Looking at the process, we will go back to our primal knowledge on how mutation takes place.

Bacon is considered as one of the most available foods of mankind. In order to do this, there is a need for slaughtering animals just to get the meat and do the processing afterwards. There are so many things that the Dutch discoverer is looking at wherein the world may benefit from them. If bacon will be processed in test tubes in the laboratory, this may solve world hunger. Another thing is that there is no need to slaughter animals anymore just to process more delicious bacons because it can be done intentionally.

Trivia: Turning Stem Cells into Bacon

The Dutch scientist is looking at how the hamburger was processed wherein there is an involvement of stem cell technology. Though this is so, there are also questions that are raised with regards to the taste and safety of the test tube bacons. There are even people who are concerned about the vegetarians whether they are going to eat the bacon or not.

Whether you would love to eat this or not, it is undoubtedly a kind of technology that the world needs in order to help in solving the problem on hunger. With the Dutch scientist who developed this, I do believe that there are many things to come from him. We have to look at every touch of technology as a solution to our problems. And with regards to bacon, well, who do not want bacon? Bacon is good to eat. Bacon is mouth watering. And if this is the way to save the lives of the pigs, why not?

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