The sixty-four-dollar question for being chubby is what is amazing about it. Most of the time, being chubby gets a lot of disadvantages varying from different health problems to social discrepancies and you name it. Often times, people around them poke fun at them. But in this article, the readers will not be saddled with this matter nor be poisoned with negativities. Here, the superstar is the chubby ones.

The pride and joy of the chubby people is beingcute, huggable and overly liked by others especially when their chubby tummy pooched out. Chubby is clinically called overweight which generally defined as having more body fat than is optimally healthy. We can give the blame to the abundant food supplies and sedentary life we get from our highly saturated technology life style.

What Is Amazing For Being Chubby

Now let me mention the amazing benefits of being chubby.

First, it serves as a built-it lifeguard apparatus. If you drowned, you would easily floatsafe and sound because fat is so light. Extra layers of fat serve as a cushion, protecting your internal organs from absolute damage during sudden force applied to your thorax. It can also offer you warmth in the winter therefore, cheaper electricity bills.

Second it makes your life enjoyable. Pooching tummy is very nice to play with. You can squish or jiggle it when you are stressed out. Definitely, it can be your distracting technique. Extra fat means extra libido. Chubby person can turn on bed easily. He can be so huggable that his partner giggles for him.

Funny reasons we can get are chubby people has more space to tattoo, more area your partner can hold on, more fats to burn during hunger strike, more attractive and often gets more attention during a group dance, more food you can take, some clothing looks better with curves stretching them out. Last but not the least, skinny person looks pretty boring.

This is my sage advice to you. Don’t be bummed out. Just sit back and let your chubbiness overturn those skinny friends of yours. You will be somehow psyched up and poised to show up yourself to the whole wide world that it is indeed amazing to be chubby. But mind me. If it bothers you already, don’t tryto rationalize the problem away. If you are too big to be comfortable, seek professional help tight away.

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