Generally speaking, not only monkeys love banana. Humans and other forest or domesticated animals love it too. Who would like to refuse such appealing, cheap, delicious and nutritious attractive fruit? Its yellowish color stands out in the middle of the market or even in the midst of the forest. It is almost available everywhere. The point is nobody is really a stranger when it comes to the taste and nutrient value of banana. Almost everybody is deeply madly in love with bananas.

Monkeys are animals that thrive in forest where abundance of banana is out of the question. They usually concentrate their efforts in finding foods for survival. While in the forest, bananas find their nutrients in the healthy foliage and products of decomposition. In this kind of habitat, monkeys don’t really choose to eat banana only.
Are Monkeys Madly In-love With Banana?

They eat leaves, fruits of other plants and even other animals. That is why they are considered omnivores. They don’t have specifics with regards to food. As long as it is available to them and easy to pick, they would just grab it and put direct to their mouth. They love to pick berries, seeds, nuts, flowers and leaves. They are fond of eating bugs and meats too.

The other reason why they can’t do away from eating banana is that maybe they feel good and satisfied by its taste and nutrients it offers them. Bananas are so delicious and tender. They don’t have to exert a lot of effort in pealing the banana. It is also very easy to find. Banana is also full of potassium that helps every fiber of their muscle in working. Though they don’t have any idea how it keeps them strong but surely they feel good after finishing some fingers of banana. Itsustains them in the whole day of climbing from every branch of the trees.

Remember, monkeys are not alone in gaining benefits from the alluring nature of bananas, humans too. 

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