Lobsters are beautiful and colorful when caught alive. They possess a combination of different colors. It changes from brilliant bluish green to grayish brown in their outer covering called exoskeleton. Sometimes they look like a mixture of deep orange to brown. Lobsters appear famous as part of a dish or a main course in all occasions. They can be boiled with spices or steamed whole. It can be used in soup or dipped in clarified butter enhancing its sweetness. Not to forget, they are popular for lobster rolls where people go crazy when they experience a small bite of it. Knowing all these, has anyone wondered why they changes color when put in fire?

Significantly, this article would like to clarify that not only lobsters possess such changes but also the crabs and shrimps. They all belong to one family:crustacean family as we learned from elementary. 
Reason Why Do Lobsters Change To Red When Cooked?

Exoskeletons of lobsters are made up of different pigments including red color the same with the one present in carrots called carotenoid. The very explanation why lobsters turned red when cooked is that when heat kissed the exoskeleton of the lobsters, the astaxanthin which is a carotenoid pigment responsible for their brilliant orange color reacts to the heat resulting to a more appetizing bright red-orange color.  The reason why their shells appear dark and hardly seen the orange coloris because of the proteins that block the carotenoid from appearing. When the heat destroys the protein, it uncoils releasing the red pigment bringing reddish orange color to your favorite steamed whole lobster.

Beware of this. It does not mean that if they did not change color, they are not yetdone or cooked. Thus, it doesn’t have to take a lot of waiting until the color changed before removing from the fire. Overcooking might spoil the taste and juiciness of the lobster. Redness is not a reliable sign that signals your cooking is done. It shows that you have just destroyed the dark proteins in their shells exposing its most beautiful, vibrant and palatable color.

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