About Trivia Cell

We love information and that is the reason for this blog’s existence. Sometimes we look forward to information that is bizarre because it tickles our brains. This blog is not just dedicated to giving you enough information that you can use for your studies and other similar purposes but for your entertainment as well – for the authors of this blog believe in the capacity of unusual information to give spices to life.
About Trivia Cell
The information that you are about to read in this blog is not a pigment of imagination of the writers but are thoroughly researched to preserve facts. The desire to have this kind of blog started when I happened to notice that most students have a hunger for good information.

Topics range from various kinds to captivate the taste of those who are searching for something. We understand that you have your own forte when it comes to life and feel free to browse among the bowl of information served to you by our daily updates of articles.

Trivia Cell is more than a blog. It is the information central that is composed of writers who are willing to share what they have discovered through their patient toil of knowledge in this wide Cosmo.

Trivia Cell, with tagline “Everything Under the Sun” has the trivia that you need. For easy access to the site’s external links, you can contact the administrator through:


By providing information, the writers of this blog increased greatly in knowledge because they need to conduct research and read a lot. This is a very essential tool for those who are searching for answers that are not just answerable by “yes” or “no” but there is an explanation needed to explain a particular phenomenon or nature of a human, object, place and events that usually go unnoticed.

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